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© 2018 Mårten Levin/Sara Sputnes/Mia van Staden

Our team consists of photographer Mårten Levin, makeup artist Mia van Staden and fashion designer and stylist Sara Sputnes. We specialize in creating beautiful fashion photography. Levin, van Staden and Sputnes have been working together for five years and have done several photoshoots together - both for our portfolio and for different clients.


Fashion is not just about beauty. It is about creating a certain character and a certain vision. Fashion makes you become whoever you want to be and gives you the power to turn your fantasy world into reality. Fashion makes you feel in a certain way and communicates with the world without a sound. Fashion is so much more than beauty. It is a passion and a lifestyle. 

Our idea is to give the viewer a pleasant and magical experience in fashion, art and photography.

No concept is too big for us. We gladly work with fashion magazines as well as other advertising agencies.


You can also buy prints of our work.